The following describes the features of NEMA control enclosure designations:

NEMA Type 1 (General Purpose)
To prevent accidental contact with enclosed apparatus. Suitable for application indoors where not exposed to unusual service conditions.

NEMA Type 2 (Driptight)
To prevent accidental contact, and, in addition, to exclude falling moisture or dirt.

NEMA Type 3 (Weatherproof, Weather Resistant)
Protection against specified weather hazards. Suitable for use outdoors.

NEMA Type 3R (Raintight)
Protects against entrance of water from a beating rain. Suitable for general out door application not requiring sleetproof.

NEMA Type 4 (Watertight)
Designed to exclude water applied in form of hose stream. To protect against stream of water during cleaning operations, etc.

NEMA Type 5 (Dust Tight)
Constructed so that dust will not enter enclosed case. Being replaced in some equipment by NEMA 12 Types.

NEMA Type 6 (Submersible)
Intended to permit enclosed apparatus to be operated successfully when submerged in water under specified pressure and time.

NEMA Type 7 (Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Air Break)
Designed to meet application requirements of National Electrical Code for Class I, Hazardous Locations (explosive atmospheres). Circuit interruption occurs in Class I - Air Break air.

NEMA Type 8 (Hazardous Locations A, B, C, or D, Class II - Oil Immersed)
Identical to Type 7 above, except the apparatus is immersed in oil.

NEMA Type 9 (Hazardous Locations E, F, or G, Class II)
Designed to meet application requirements of National Electrical Code for Class II Hazardous Locations (combustible dusts, etc.)

NEMA Type 10 (Bureau of Mines Permissible)
Meets requirements of U.S. Bureau of Mines. Suitable for use in coal mines.

NEMA Type 11 (Acid and Fume Resistant, Oil Immersed)
Provides oil immersion of apparatus so that it is suitable for application where equipment is subject to acid or other corrosive fumes.

NEMA Type 12 (Industrial Use)
For use in those industries where it is desired to exclude dust, lint, fibers and flyings, or oil or coolant seepage.