System One Process Pumps

The Blackmer System One® Pump features a heavy duty construction for reliability in the most extreme environments.  It has the lowest shaft stiffness ratio (L3/D4) in the process industry:
  • Frame S - 46 (1.9)
  • Frame LD17 - 17 (.65)
  • Frame M - 19 (.87)

Exclusive Features:

  • Designed around the seal and bearings where 90% of failures occur
  • Designed to maximize system reliability - stronger, more vibration-resistant pump
  • Heavy-duty, solid, low deflection shaft prevents common vibration damage and greater stability at the seal area to improve seal life
  • Heavy-duty bearings offer greater load capacity and extend bearing life
  • Patented System One® Labyrinth Seals provide non-wearing lifetime protection for radial and thrust bearings

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