Connect Monitor

Chesterton Connect is a data acquisition tool that enables you to conveniently monitor your process and equipment's operating conditions. Using Bluetooth® technology and a robust design to withstand harsh environments, Chesterton Connect makes it simple to monitor:
  • Equipment Vibration
  • Surface Temperature
  • Process Temperature
  • Process Pressure
Chesterton Connect combined with the user-friendly app allows you to connect to multiple sensors, providing you with a comprehensive view of your plant's equipment health. By setting thresholds, the mobile app and in-unit's LED display system alerts you of undesirable events. This alert system helps you better allocate resources to avoid unplanned downtime and asset failure. The data can be exported for analysis to help you understand your equipment's operation and take preventative actions to extend productivity.

For use on pumps, mixers, agitators, and many other types of rotating equipment.

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