SP Series Slurry Pumps

The SP Series incorporates double-casing design, with replaceable liners and impellers available in both chrome iron and rubber. The patented Cornell Cycloseal© incorporates a unique deflector vane back plate and expeller to offer a reliable, single mechanical seal design, even in the most severe operating conditions. The optional Run-Dry® reservoir offers protection without the need for flush water.


  • Housing Material: Cast iron
  • Liner Material: Chrome iron or rubber
  • Impeller Material: Chrome iron or rubber
  • Back Plate: Chrome iron
  • Bearing Housing & Pedestal: Cast iron
  • Discharge Size: 2 inches to 12 inches
  • Flow Rates: Up to 14,000 GPM
  • Seal Type: Gland packing or Cycloseal©
  • Solids Diameter: Up to 3.5 inches
  • Impeller Type: Enclosed
  • Heads: Up to 210 Feet

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