XL234 Modular Filter Vessels


  • Sturdy vessel construction – glass-filled polypropylene with UV inhibitors for durability and compatibility with a broad range of chemicals
  • Quick and easy lid requires no tools for opening and closing
  • Sacrificial vent grommet safety feature to reduce heat and pressure accidents:

Cartridge System:

  • Cartridge carrier is 100% nonmetallic and holds seven standard 20”, 30” or 40” filter cartridges
    • Double Open End
    • Single Open End 222 “O” Ring with Bayonet
  • Increased surface area for flow rate of up to 140 GPM
  • Uses Standard (Vorex) or absolute rated (Vorex HP) cartridges

Bag System:

  • Vessel is nonmetallic externally with 100% polypropylene basket
  • Bag has 20% more surface area than standard #2 bag for longer life and flow rates up to 160 GPM
  • EZLoc patented filter ring hermetically seals filter to prevent bypass
  • Variety of materials available including:
    • Polypropylene Felt
    • Polypropylene Microfiber
    • Polypropylene Monofilament Mesh
XL234 Modular Filter System makes change-outs faster and easier than ever with its unique twist-off lid. You can choose from a 7-cartridge system or our new patented EZLoc filter bag with a built-in polypropylene ring that makes filter bypass a thing of the past. Either choice offers long service life and can be changed in minutes without tools!
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