MD & WMD Magnetic Drive Pumps

Iwaki America, the world leader in small magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology, offers the premier line of non-metallic centrifugal pumps.


  • High Efficiencies - Extraordinarily high efficiencies make WMD & MD the clear choice in almost every process, recirculation or transfer application.

  • Choose standard alumina ceramic bearing materials and polypropylene, or optional SiC (silicon carbide) and ETFE (fluoropolymer) for your most aggressive or highest purity requirement.

  • Do you require compact, quiet, highly efficient pumps for your Laser, Chiller or Blood Analyzer Applications? Iwaki America pumps are compact, offer higher pressure, AND last longer than any traditional offerings.

  • Motor Matching - Offering more motor/pump configurations than any other manufacturer easily allows tailored pump applications. Premium, high efficiency motors are used throughout the line. Totally enclosed, permanent split capacitor motors are compact, cool and economical. Tolerance to voltage variation without overheating and 50/60 Hz operation allows the product to be used in a worldwide market. PSC or shaded pole AC motors are standard. Brushed and brushless motors are available for DC applications.

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