MXM Magnetic Drive ANSI Chemical Process Pumps

The MXM series design offers the best combination of durability, safety and performance for a wide range of chemical process applications. MXM models feature separate impellers and inner magnets maximizing the flexibility and application of the product.


  • Dry run capability - With proven dry run capability and our unique self-radiating bearing lubrication circuit (PAT.), the MXM is able to withstand process-upset conditions.

  • Heat dispersion holes located strategically behind the impeller facilitate removal of frictional bearing heat and improve bearing lubrication and cooling circuit flow under dry run or poor suction conditions.

  • Two piece rear casing design - Offers improved pressure handling capability and a second barrier for improved safety. The front casing features injection-molded liner with guaranteed uniform thickness and is fully covered by a ductile cast iron cover for combination of chemical resistance and mechanical integrity.

  • All designs have ANSI 150# flanged connections.

  • Dual end supported precision ground shafts and balanced compact high strength

  • Samarium Cobalt magnet capsule result in balanced lightweight inner magnet capsule assemblies optimizing torque transmission and pump efficiency.

  • High strength rare earth magnets are totally encapsulated within fluororesin moldings.

  • Close-coupled back pull-out design - Allows the operator to inspect the pump while leaving the line pressurized.

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