RD Magnetic Drive 24VDC Pumps

Iwaki America, the world leader in centrifugal mag-drive pumps is proud to offer the latest in sealless pump technology. Recognizing the trend toward DC power and compact, long-life pumps for fluid recirculation, we have developed products without peers. Our new pumps are smaller, offer higher pressure, and last significantly longer than any traditional designs.


  • Easy to Integrate - DC Power, 24 volt, DC brushless motors with integral controllers make wiring and regulatory compliance easy. 12 VDC option available for OEM applications, contact Iwaki America for details.

  • Easy to fit - Our unique, canned motor design offers the most compact package available. Even “heads-up” mounting into a reservoir is possible, making it easy to find a home for this pump.

  • Easy on your ears - Our pumps have sound levels as low as 40dB. We can easily provide test data for each of our models.

  • Easy to live with - Brushless motors and our superior engineering offer design lives in excess of 25K hours.

  • Easy on your budget - Our pumps offer unmatched value! There are no parts kits because you won’t be needing them.

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