SMX Magnetic Drive Self Priming Pumps

SMX Series of magnetically driven non-metallic pumps offer an innovative true self-priming design with no
mechanical seals for years of trouble-free service. SMX features our self-radiating bearing structure and our proven non-contact dry-run capability enabling them to withstand the rigors of abnormal operating conditions.  Utilizing an integral priming and air separation chamber, the SMX Series offer superior repeatable self-priming performance.


  • Quick priming - Able to dry lift up to 13 feet in under 90 seconds.

  • Expanded versatility - The SMX has a modular structure to handle liquids with high specific gravities. Use of standard motors extends the range of applications.

  • Easy maintenance - The pump wet end can be removed from the motor as a complete assembly without dismantling, thanks to an additional rear casing support. The simple, rugged design with a minimum number of parts allows for easy maintenance.

  • Enhanced durability under abnormal operation - Our original self-radiation structure (Patented) efficiently disperses bearing friction heat to protect the pump under abnormal operating conditions. In addition, our non-contact structure prevents contact between rear thrust face and bearing, to eliminate heat buildup during dry running.

  • Motor options - SMX(F) series mounts to NEMA C-faced motors allowing for limitless voltage and service choices.

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